ReWeave x Rubelli

Rubelli has been a ReWeave supporter since our inception five years ago and we are delighted to create a ReWeave x Rubelli collection to be featured in selected showrooms across the country. Founded in Venice in the 1800s, Rubelli textiles cover the gamut of ornate lampas and damask to fabrics with minimalist or contemporary patterns. They showcase the designs of many renowned artists, architects, and designers who have collaborated with the company over the years. We are honored to collaborate with Rubelli and thrilled to highlight their exquisite fabrics in our one-of-a-kind fashion line.

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ReWeave x Esquivel

We embrace our community by using local artisans to handcraft our products. George Esquivel and his team of craftsmen in Southern California design, develop, and hand make limited edition and bespoke shoes. Esquivel’s approach to shoes really appeals to us – “each item in our line has a unique finish and quality that comes from our hearts...made to tell your story.” Our story is how beautiful materials selected for their color, texture, pattern, and usability take a detour from the landfill and are made into pairs of shoes that go on their own journey.
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ReWeave x Halim Flowers

ReWeave co-founder, Julie Benniardi, met artist, writer, and activist Halim Flowers at the Social Innovation Summit. The conversation started with a request for a photograph followed by a chat on fashion and the collaboration took off from there. Halim began crafting his artistry while imprisoned for 22 years and now creates visual and poetic work “to inspire others to love radically beyond the superficial barriers that serve to separate us from seeing how we are all connected to each other.” We are excited that our ReWeave products can serve as a canvas for Halim’s artistry and we look forward to sharing his inspiration.
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