How did ReWeave L.A. come about?

Over the years, Julie, an interior designer by trade, and Debbie, an experienced home remodeler, have borrowed and returned many fabric samples to the design showrooms. In mid-2018, they were selecting fabrics for Debbie’s home when she asked, “What happens to all these samples when they’re no longer needed?” Julie reached out to her contacts and discovered that the showrooms had to throw away the pieces to make room for new collections. They had tried to donate the fabric to design schools but were told the schools didn’t have the capacity to take in the excess inventory.

That’s when they knew there had to be a way to salvage these swatches and save them from landfills. Thus, ReWeave L.A. was born.

Who designs your products?

All of our products are one of a kind and all are designed in Los Angeles. We collaborate with L.A.-based designers on our apparel line. The fabrics in each piece are chosen for their color, texture, and patterns and combined to form a truly artful end piece.

We go through the collection of fabrics (so far we’ve collected over 8000 pounds!), select the pieces according to a color or design scheme, clean excess paper and glue off each piece, and then position, size, and pin to complete our design.

Where are your products made?

Our products are all made locally. Aside from being environmentally friendly, we also want to be socially impactful. By exclusively using independent artisans and manufacturers based in L.A., we not only avoid the adverse carbon footprint of shipping materials and goods overseas, but we support our local artisans, some of whom would otherwise be unemployed.

Do you collaborate?

We do! We collaborate with companies who specialize in their craft. Our beloved BFF pillows are a collaboration with a pet pillow company called Barking Royals.

We collaborate in other ways, such as events and trunk shows. Interested in collaborating? We would love to hear from you! Please contact us here.

Are your products sold in stores?

Our items are available through our Stockists, most of which are in the lifestyle and design field. We also sell through trunk shows and pop-up shops. If you would like to host or attend a trunk show, please connect with us here

How are your items shipped?

We offer free ground shipping on Fashion orders to a US address. 

We offer standard ground shipping for $20 on each Home Decor item to a US address.  

If you would prefer a different form of shipping, please connect with us here

Do you offer exchanges or returns?

All sales are final. We do not accept returns, exchanges, or refunds due to the one of a kind nature of our products.

Do you sell internationally?

All online sales are only shipped domestically in the United States. Certain products are available through Stockists that are located internationally and can be purchased directly from them. If you are located internationally and are interested in products on this website, please connect with us here.

Why is ReWeave L.A. important to you?

It is crucial to us that social good be built into our production and sales model. Each year more than ten million tons of fabric enter U.S. landfills, including the one in L.A., the largest in the country. Since much of the fabric isn’t biodegradable, it can remain in the dumps for over two hundred years, releasing harmful gases that contribute to global warming and chemicals that seep into the soil and contaminate groundwater. Through ReWeave L.A. and our partnership with the L.A. showrooms, we would like to measurably reduce fabric waste.

From a social impact perspective, using local creativity and artisanship to make our unique products and giving 10% of our sales to organizations such as Downtown Women’s Center and Homeboy Industries to job train Angelenos facing barriers to employment bring the whole community together.